Why Did I Become A Photographer?

I thought I'd begin my blogging by telling you a bit about myself, and why I became a photographer. Lets face it......you are putting your trust in me at the two most important times of you life!

I done the family thing in a less traditional way and started with the babies, as opposed to the marriage. When my daughter came along the love you feel can't be explained with words. You stare at this tiny little human being and watch to remember everything. Capturing each moment helped me to remember.

I began to get frustrated though. Especially when my son arrived. I mean, kids move! A lot! Who knew? If I didn't miss the moment I caught a very blurry version of it. It was at this time I began speaking with my Dad. He introduced me to my first DSLR. I was so excited and fell in love instantly. I tried dabbling in the whole teaching myself to work the thing, but I knew there must be a better way.

It was at this time I fell ill. After a knee operation I got sicker by the day. I was eventually diagnosed with a disease called Fibromyalgia. I was forced to give up my job and things weren't good. As a distraction I took to my camera. When I'm capturing, well, anything, I feel normal again. So, I decided to go back to college and learn how to use my camera properly. It was hard work, but I loved every minute.

Once I got my qualifications we decided to make the move from Glasgow to Portsmouth. I've always done portraits cause I love dealing with people, but it wasn't until I moved here that I made the decision to concentrate on Newborns and Weddings.

Weddings must be one of the most stressful times of your life. When we got married, I had a great photographer. He listened to what I wanted and worked around us. We done a trial run and it was one less thing to worry about. I wasn't really planning on going down this route, however I was lucky to capture my sister in laws wedding and I caught the bug. Being part of a couples special day is an honour. I got such a buzz from it and knew that this was definitely the way forward for me.

Becoming a parent is THE most amazing experience you will ever encounter. These tiny little humans rely on us to look after them and keep them safe. Trusting someone with your child is huge. Especially with your first. I have been in your shoes. I know all the feelings, anxieties and worries you will face. I make it my mission to make the experience of having your newborn images done, a relaxing and positive one. I've been told that being here, in my home, and having her baby's images done was the most relaxed Mummy felt in ages. That to me, means I'm doing something right.

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